4 amazing scientific discoveries that have changed our lives

Many scientists have researched all their lives to make some amazing discoveries in science. There are many discoveries made that has affected our lives. It has improved our communication, health, food, transportation and technology. Here are four amazing discoveries worth mentioning.

Antibiotics and immunizations

British scientist Alexander Fleming discovered a naturally growing mold in one of his bacteria samples in the 1920s. He saw that the place around the ring-shaped mold didn’t have any bacteria. He discovered that it was due to something that was inside the mold. Penicillin was then produced by drug companies. It was used widely in treating bacterial infections. This discovery led to the finding of other antibiotics and immunizations.

Personal computers

The old computers were very expensive and huge. The computer that was used in World War II weighed 30 tons and cost half a million dollars. It occupied 2,000 square feet of space. The microprocessor was discovered in 1971 and after that personal computers were available to the general public.

Space flight

In 1969 NASA’s Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to step on the moon. Later, more astronauts went there. It was one of the best scientific achievements made by men.


The idea was adopted in the 1960s of sharing information. British software consultant Tim Berners-Lee created HTML that resulted in the World Wide Web in 1991. Today, we cannot think our life without the internet.

These amazing discoveries are due to the talent and hard work of some amazing scientists who have devoted their entire life to giving something to the world. We will always remember their contribution to science.

Infographic by: futurism.com

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