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We have more than 10,000 unique readers every month. We also have a high number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

You should know that all advertising is subject to our approval. We may reject any advertisement if we find it unsuitable for publishing on our blog. We offer the following advertising options.

Banner ads: We provide banner ads of 300 X 250 size. The rate of this ad is $25.

E-mail newsletter ads: You can place ads of size 600 X 150. The rate will be $1,000 per week. It will be delivered to 30,000 recipients three times.

Sponsored content: You can provide articles, videos, and other promotional items. You are responsible for writing and editing the content. Our rates start at $,4,000 for a two-weeks run.

Event sponsorship: You can sponsor various competitions where there will be researchers, students, educators and other important people present. You can have an exhibition booth at the event and sponsor the prizes given out after the competition.

Dedicated e-mails: We have an extensive e-mail list that includes educators, students, professionals and the normal public who have an interest in science. Our rates start at $20.

Promoted social media posts: We have an engaged social media audience which consists of thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. The rates vary depending on the campaign.

If you want to know more about our advertising opportunities then please write to us. We can help you to choose the right type of advertisement for your need. airmaxco airmaxco