5 worst genetic diseases that people may have

There are diseases that occur due to genes. Family health history is the predictor of such diseases. The genetic makeup that is passed on from grandparents and parents affects the children. There are some genetic diseases that are incurable. Here are some of the worst genetic diseases that can affect people.

Cystic Fibrosis

It is a fatal genetic disease that affects thousands of people in the U.S. It causes the body to produce sticky and thick mucus. This mucus clogs the lungs and infection occurs. The infection, in turn, affects the pancreas. The affected person has breathing difficulties. The digestive enzymes are also blocked that prevents absorption of food nutrients.


This results in death at an early age. The affected person has a missing enzyme called Hex-A. It causes the destruction of the brain and nervous system. There is no treatment for this disease. Sponsored Links

Breast and Colon Cancer

The BRCA1 and BRCA2 inherited genes are responsible for breast or ovarian cancer. However, all breast cancers are not genetic. Colon cancer is also genetic.

Sickle Cell Disease

This gene protects people from malaria. If you get the gene from both parents, then the red blood cells ‘sickle’. They get stuck in capillaries and destroy organs and joints. So, the victims eventually die of organ failure.


It is a bleeding disorder that happens due to the absence of genetic clotting factors. It can be inherited from single or both parents. You can manage it by replacing the missing factor.

All these diseases are fatal and needs immediate attention. These diseases are hard to treat and research is still going on.